Graffiti Removal
A year-long, on-going, initiative to identify, document, and remove graffiti in a timely manner.

Neighborhood Watch
Working with the Ottawa County Sheriff's department, we organize watch programs in several neighborhoods. These program include social events, and spring cleaning for residents in need.

Furry Friends Food Pantry

Free pet food for low income families.  Please call 399-5160 to see if you qualify.

Neighborhood Leadership Academy
This 6-8 week course is designed to educate, enhance, and empower people to become neighborhood leaders. It's taught by Holland-area volunteers and held in April and May each year.

National Night Out
This partnership between the City of Holland, local law enforcement, and multiple businesses seeks to eradicate crime, gangs, and violence by providing a safe opportunity for residents to publicly gather and demonstrate community unity.
Traffic Calming Program
Through volunteer canvassing and pledges, we increase public awareness of speeding in targeted areas.

America Goes Back to School

Each year we provide school supplies to low income children within several of our target neighborhoods.

Gang Awareness Seminars
We attend and support seminars held by the local Boys and Girls Club as well as the Holland Department of Public Safety.